girls with 3D printerRoselawn Condon students are prepared to be innovative thinkers. Using a block schedule approach, we focus on all areas of instruction: math, reading, science, and social studies. One unique academic feature of our schedule is our science program. All students in grade 4-8 will have 90 minutes of science instruction daily in addition to math and reading.

Roselawn Condon teachers embed technology into daily instruction. The building houses three mobile computer carts and one stationary lab for technological instruction. Each classroom contains at least four computers, internet access to educational sites and programs, a mounted, interactive overhead projector, and a DVD player to supplement classroom activities and lessons. Classrooms are provided with Smartboards for interactive learning.

Students at Roselawn Condon utilize a number of interactive computer programs, software and tutorials to enhance instruction. Some of these programs include: Superkids, Renaissance Learning, and Defined STEM.

The teaching staff at Roselawn Condon utilizes an eclectic approach to teaching and learning. Teachers use Kagan Cooperative learning structures, STEM designed lesson-planning and other methods of instruction, proven in data, to actively engage students and increase student achievement.

College Preparatory Program (Grades 4-8)

We provide college preparatory classes for students in grades 4-6 and grades 7-8. The college prep course work for intermediate and junior high is accelerated and challenging. It is designed to prepare our students for the rigorous demands of high school and college. Students must adhere to the rules and expectations of the program. They are expected to meet the academic and behavioral demands while maintaining their grades in order to remain in our college preparatory program.

At Roselawn Condon the academics teams are divided as follows:

  • Primary (PK-3)
  • Intermediate (4-5)
  • Middle School (6-8)



  • Roselawn Condon School will provide high quality educational opportunities to the families of its community.
  • We will treat all students, parents and staff with dignity and respect.
  • We will do all that we can to ensure that students can achieve their highest potential.
  • Roselawn Condon will maintain a safe and healthy environment for its students and staff.
  • Roselawn Condon will involve parents, businesses, and the community in its programs to ensure that our students have the greatest possible resources available to them.


  • Roselawn Condon teachers and staff will treat all students, parents, and each other with respect and dignity at all times.
  • Teachers and staff will be prepared to perform their job functions and will deliver the highest level of service to our students and parents.
  • Teachers will ensure that all students are provided the best opportunities available to succeed in meeting their learning obligations.
  • Teachers and staff will communicate regularly with parents and others interested in what's going on at our school.
  • Teachers and staff will maintain a safe and healthy environment, will take pride in their profession, and will continue to improve their own skills through active involvement in professional development activities offered by Roselawn Condon, Cincinnati Public Schools, colleges and universities.


  • Students are expected to follow prescribed Roselawn Condon rules and guidelines, adhere to the Student Code of Conduct, come to school everyday on time and prepared, complete all assigned work, participate in all programs and classes in which they may be enrolled, demonstrate respect for self and others, and put forth an effort which is indicative of their skill level, competence and expected potential.
  • Students should seek the help and advice of their teachers and parents whenever they feel they need it.
  • Students should try their best in all they do, whether in school, at home, or out in the community.
  • Students should respect their health by remaining drug-free.
  • Students should help maintain a safe environment by refraining from any behaviors that are harmful to themselves or other student(s) who might violate this rule.
  • Students are expected to care about their own learning, their fellow students, and to take pride in their school, family and the community.


  • Parents/Guardians will be expected to attend scheduled parent/teacher conference nights, become involved in their child's education, and to work with administration and faculty to create a positive and collaborative learning environment.
  • Parents should ensure their child arrives to school on time, appropriately dressed, and prepared for learning.
  • Parents should take an active part in their child's learning by assisting them with homework, asking about their progress, meeting with teachers regularly, and when possible, participating in parent involvement activities sponsored by the school or district.

Parental Concerns

  • It is the responsibility of a parent/guardian to bring his/her concern to the attention of his/her teacher. (Please refer to the "Staff" sub tab under "Contact Us" in this website for a list of email addresses and direct phone numbers for all Roselawn Condon teachers and staff members.)
  • Parents can leave messages for teachers at their voice mail numbers during the school day or at their email addresses. Teachers will return calls during their planning time or after school.
  • Parents are encouraged to talk to individual teachers and make arrangements to visit a classroom or attend a conference with a teacher.
  • Parents are welcome to observe classes, but are asked to make arrangements with the teacher ahead of time.
  • Teachers will either talk to parents on the telephone regarding the concern or arrange a time for a conference to address the concern.
  • Parent/teacher conferences that are conducted during a teacher's planning period are limited to 15 minutes. If more time is needed to resolve a classroom concern/issue, another conference will be scheduled. A conference will be rescheduled if the parent/guardian does not show within 15 minutes of scheduled conference time.
  • If a concern is not resolved with the teacher, the parent may then bring it to the attention of the school principal. Please call the school office and leave a message for the principal.
  • Your child's teacher will not always be available during the school day to receive a telephone call, but every call will be returned in a timely manner. The principal can set up a conference with the parent and teacher to resolve the issue if necessary.