Support Services

Support Services

Roselawn Condon is fortunate to have several social support programs available on-site for our students and their families. We try to identify and provide the support and resources that a student needs in order to succeed in his/her education attainment. A student must be referred by a teacher or administrator for services.

School Psychologist

The school psychologist works as a member of the Intervention Assistance Team to develop interventions and provide support for students demonstrating academic and/or behavioral difficulties. The team employs problem-solving techniques to examine and analyze relevant data and information in order to provide appropriate resources for students and teachers.

The approach is based on a “Response to Intervention” model in which interventions are implemented and become increasingly more focused and individualized, depending upon student success using consistent progress monitoring methods. If after a reasonable amount of time the research-based interventions are deemed unsuccessful or inadequate in improving student performance, the team may suspect a disability and recommend that a multifactor evaluation be conducted.

The school psychologist, along with other members of the team, participate in the evaluation by:

  • Administering standardized tests
  • Collecting data from short-cycle assessments and state-administered achievement tests
  • Completing classroom observations
  • Examining work samples
  • Interviewing stakeholders who work/interact with the student consistently in order to determine whether the student meets eligibility criteria for special education services.

Each of the schools in Cincinnati Public Schools has a Case Coordinator on staff; he/she is typically the person that contacts the appropriate individuals (including the school psychologist) and assembles the Intervention Assistance Team when a concern regarding a student's academic or behavioral functioning is raised by a parent or teacher.

Contact: Ms. Soots
Schedule: Full-time
Telephone: (513) 363-4822

School Visiting Teacher/Social Worker

The School Visiting Teacher/Social Worker is specially trained to provide services to children, their families and the community as it relate to school matters.

Some of these matters include:

  • Attendance/truancy
  • Discipline
  • Learning problems
  • Relationship with peers

Also, home concerns that may be preventing a student from attending school such as illness and death will be investigated. Court appearances may be required in some cases. Home visitation is a major component with at-risk children and their families. If there are issues in the community such as violence, homelessness, or matters of urgent or crisis concerns, assistance may be provided with those issues.

The School Visiting Teacher/Social Worker works with the families of students' and school staff, dealing with a wide range of social, emotional, and academic issues. The ultimate goal is to help improve students' chances for success in school.

Contact: Ms. Cummings-Burroughs, Visiting Teacher/Social Worker
Schedule: Part-time on Wednesdays only
Telephone: (513) 363-4870

Parent Center

Our Parent Center features:

  • A community closet
  • Free computer access
  • A quiet area for parents
  • Assistance with other school related services and programs.

The Children's Home of Cincinnati

The Children's Home of Cincinnati provides behavioral and mental health counseling to children in the school setting. Since Talbert Hous is the primary provider and we are the secondary provider, to access services, a parent/guardian or school staff member would first need to contact Ms. D. Anderson (as listed above under Talber House). Ms. Anderson would determine the placement of the student for services and if in fact, The Children's Home would be the best placement.

Contact: Mr. Casteel (Known by the students as Mr. "Ray")
Schedule: Part-time on Tuesdays only
Cell Phone Number: (513) 378-9977


The mission of Centerpoint is to strengthen the communities it services by providing the best quality mental health care to children, adults and families. Students work in small groups once a week to focus primarily on social skills. While engaged in group activities, students address issues concerned with communication, self-esteem, and feelings. Students also learn the importance of goal setting, time management, and self-control. The aim of these projects is to encourage students to look introspectively at their own lives. Additionally, students have the opportunity to confer and seek support.

Contact: Ms. Kaufman
Schedule: Part-time on Thursdays only
Telephone: (513) 363-4800

Time II Advocate for Children & Families

Time II Advocate provides individual and group counseling for children in kindergarten through 8th grade. Service is provided as needed.

Contact: Mr. Easterling, Intervention Counselor
Schedule: Part-time on Thursdays only
Telephone: (513) 363-4800