Nurse's Station

Roselawn Condon School has a full-time nurse on duty when school is in session. It is very important that children do not come to school if they are ill. This is especially important if a child has a communicable disease such as conjunctivitis (pink eye) or ringworm.

If a staff member believes a child has a communicable disease, the child's parent will be called. The child will need to be picked up from school immediately. The child will need a note from a doctor saying that he/she has received treatment before returning to school.

Contact: Ms. Miller, Registered Nurse & School Certified Nurse
Telephone: (513) 363-4819


  • If an injury occurs on school grounds, the nurse's office will be notified immediately to assess the situation.
  • Parents/guardians will be notified and provided information regarding the student's injury.
  • The nurse, in collaboration with the principal, will determine if outside medical attention will be pursued by the school (calling 911, etc.).
  • If the injury is minor, parents will be contacted and given the opportunity to pick the child up from school.
  • Im the event that a student needs emergency medical care, 911 will be called and the student will be taken to Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center.
  • If a parent cannot be reached, a staff member will go with the student, and remain with him/her until the parent arrives (within a reasonable time frame).
  • The nurse will complete the necessary paperwork to document the incident.


  • A doctor's authorization form must be on file at the school for any student in need of medication during school hours.
  • Medication will be administered by the nurse's staff, and only given by office staff in the event of the nurse's station being closed.
  • Students will report to the nurse's station for their medication at their scheduled time(s).
  • Parents/guardians of students who take medication at school must supply enough cups (for water to administer medication) for the entire school year.
  • The nurse's staff must be made aware of any changes in medication.
  • Students are not permitted to carry any medications on their person while on school grounds.
  • Students who need to carry an inhaler at school must have a form from a physician on file in the school office.
  • A form is also needed for parental consent for over the counter medication (i.e., Tylenol, Tums) to be given by the nurse or school personnel.
  • Parents must provide the medications that they would like dispensed to their child(ren). This is the policy of the Cincinnati Public Schools (Student Section 5141.3).
  • All medication will remain in the health clinic (nurse's station).