student-in-wheelchairIn 1919, the Junior League and the Rotary Club of Cincinnati began sponsoring hospital classes for orthopedically handicapped children. These classes were housed in Cincinnati General Hospital. From these hospital classes developed the Randall J. Condon School for Crippled Children, named for the former Superintendent of Schools, Randall J. Condon.

The new school was built in 1928 and designed by the renowned architects of Samuel Hannaford & Sons. The school was located on Rockdale Avenue in Avondale. This school was one of the first in the country to be designed with a view towards the needs of orthopedically handicapped children. Because of its excellent program for physically disabled students, Condon School's population of students came from school districts throughout the Cincinnati area and surrounding counties and districts. An example of educational excellence had been established in Cincinnati. (The building was later demolished in 2002 to make way for a new school, Rockdale Academy.)

Another tradition of excellence was being established at Roselawn School. This was a school dedicated to the idea of academic challenge with a strong base of community support and parental involvement. It was one of the first schools to initiate a college preparatory alternative program. Roselawn School was the first school to offer this college preparatory program through the eighth grade. Another outstanding program in Cincinnati education had been established.

The merger of these two schools came about through the passage of a tax levy by the voters of Cincinnati, A levy passed for the construction of a new facility for orthopedically handicapped students. However, the passage of a Federal law, the Education for All Handicapped Act, PL 94-14, guaranteed the education of all handicapped children in the least restrictive environment. it was then determined that the facility to replace old Condon School must include a population of non-disabled students as well. After various sites and solutions were studied, it was decided that Condon School and Roselawn School would merge and be housed together in a new facility to be built in Roselawn.

This merger was effected in 1982, when the students and staff of both school moved into the new facility. It is a unique program, one of the few of its kind in the country. Each child, whether college preparatory or neighborhood, disabled or non-disabled, is given the opportunity to meet the challenges at his or her own level. The tradition of excellence established at Condon School and Roselawn School continues here at Roselawn Condon School today. We celebrated our 20th anniversary in the spring of 2002. Roselawn Condon was remolded and rededicated on April 30, 2009.